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About Orange Plastics

You are in search of the best possible way to manufacture your product. That's why you seek an experienced injection molding partner who's committed to quality. A company that offers state-of-the-art technologies, processes and knowledge all in one place.

That partner is Orange Plastics.


Orange Plastics has been founded in 2002. Since then, our distinctive style of doing business helped us grow to become the mid-sized and dynamic manufacturer of plastic components and finished products we are today.

We uphold our philosophy that not a single product is the same and, therefore, the future of injection molding lies in the flexibility of the entire production process. Being a dynamic mid-sized company, we offer the flexibility that warrants five-star quality for your specific requirements. We are able to create your product in both small and large quantities. From a single component to a finished final product.

This philosophy continues to shape our business each and every day. And because your goals extend above and beyond injection molding alone, we also offer assembly, post-processing, testing and packaging of your products. From our factories in China and the Netherlands, we ship products across the globe.

Orange Plastics is your partner from drawing to dispatch.

Leading through Knowledge and Technology

When choosing Orange Plastics, you are certain your product is made by precision-engineerd machinery, guided by state-of-the-art technologies and programmes. Our staff is committed to your product and cultivate their skills and knowledge on molds, plastics and injection molding technologies. They meet every challenge in servicing you.

Orange Plastics BV, originally a Dutch enterprise, holds its Head Office in Maarssen, the Netherlands. With our production facilities in China and the Netherlands, we offer a tailor made production trajectory, at attractively economical costs.

Injection Molding at Orange Plastics

Swift. Flexible. Production facilities in China as well as the Netherlands. Completely geared towards quality and efficiency.

Yes, there are many reasons to choose Orange Plastics.

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