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We produce in China and the Netherlands

You have designed your plastic product and are in search of an experienced partner that gives you the assurance of a high-quality tangible product.

Which country is most suited for your production? Many companies choose to produce their products in China. But how to the determine which country is more suitable for your specific product? Orange Plastics runs production in China as well as the Netherlands. Ultimately, it's your product that determines where it's made.

When to Produce Your Product in China

China and plastic production share a long history together. Nonetheless, Chinese based production isn't always the most economical choice. Therefore, Orange Plastic determines the most cost efficient production location for every single component of your product. We clarify your production costs as well as the feasibility of your product in the marketplace. Which factors are likely to tip the scale towards a specific production country?

1. Labor-intensive products are made in China

China plastic assemblageChina-based plastic production is often the most cost efficient option when intensive labor is involved. Logically, this is the case when multiple small components are produced separately and assembled by hand. The Netherlands is often thriftier when it comes to simple products consisting of one or just a few components that don't need additional post-processing. Of course, it's also possible to spread your production over Asia and Europe to maximize cost efficiency of every component.

2. Production Quantity

The size of your series – in conjunction with other variables such as assembly, post-processing, volume, packaging and color references – determine whether China is the optimal production country. Together with our client, we determine the most suitable production site for your required quantities.

3. Shipping Your Plastic Product from China or the Netherlands

When you plan to distribute your product worldwide, China offers excellent logistic opportunities. Orange Plastics ships from China towards both Europe and the United States. In accordance with your logistic demands, we select the most optimal location.

4. How large is your plastic product?

Large products heavily influence the scale of your transport, literally. The higher your product’s weight and volume, the more attractive production in the Netherlands will be.

Plastic Production in China and the Netherlands: Best of Both Worlds

Orange Plastics offers you the best of both worlds. We own a mold workshop in the Netherlands and China. Regardless of where your product is produced; we uphold to strict quality standards that guard for a high degree of consistency and reliability in all our production facilities. Our recent ISO certification exemplifies our continuing demand for excellence. Due to years of experience in plastic production in China, Orange Plastics offers best of both worlds to maximize cost efficiency and minize carbon footprint.

Are you contemplating whether to produce your product in China or the Netherlands? Contact Orange Plastics for a quote and a clarification of the country most suited for your product.

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