Total production solutions at Orange Plastics

  • High-performance and versatile assembly

  • Optional clean room assembly (ISO class 5) to minimize contamination risks

  • Complete solutions for post-processing and packaging

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All-in Solutions

A production trajectory isn't finished the moment your plastic product has cooled down. Only when your components are assessed, assembled and (optionally) printed, coated and packaged, the track towards a finished product is complete.

Orange Plastics offers powerful all-inclusive solutions for your manufacturing needs. You can rely on us for your products to meet your needs exactly.


In our factory, if needed all plastic components are assembled into a finished product. In addition, external parts such as screws, insert, metal parts, strips and labels are integrated during this phase. Our solid workmanship does not compromise on quality.

Orange Plastics own a clean room ISO 14644-1 class 5. Our clean room has received an official certificate of conformity with ISO Class 5 from SGS. This class constitutes the clean room contains a maximum of 3,520 particles of 0.5 ┬Ám or more; an air quality level 10,000 times cleaner than a standard (clean) factory environment.


Often, our clients require more than just a plain looking plastic product. Our post-processing technologies provide your product with the exact look and feel you wish to display to the end user. We offer various state-of-the-art post-processing technologies such as coating, printing, chromium-plating, dip molding, and laser engraving. This makes your product as appealing and functional as possible.


Orange Plastics will not deliver your product unpackaged. We understand the importance of outstanding packaging in your product's success. We therefore also assist in this final step of creating a complete finished product and are able to produce full-color printed packaging for the consumer market. Our dedication to selecting the proper packaging provides your product the ultimate finishing touch to firmly stand out from its competitors. If desired, we are glad to cooperate with your current packaging and design partner(s).


Injection Molding at Orange Plastics

Swift. Flexible. Production facilities in China as well as the Netherlands. Completely geared towards quality and efficiency.

Yes, there are many reasons to choose Orange Plastics.

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