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From idea to realized product in just 7 days

Do you have an idea that requires fast realization?

Orange Plastics offers you the possibility to get on our "fast lane" from idea to complete plastic end product in just 7 days.

Creative solutions and innovative products for every market. It all starts with your idea that we can carry out to a manufacturable product. We are more than willing to discuss the idea to get the details clear. Your idea will always get better. In the next phase you receive samples for approval after which we will get into the mass production. We have organized our company in such a way that we are extremely fast and can work very flexible which enables us to respond to requests from any possible market.


This has been proven in the past period where, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have perfectly been able to deliver our current and new costumers their products.

Here are some examples which we are proud of:

SafeDistance wearable

Keeping distance is important, but easy to forget.

The SafeDistance wearable helps to remind you. Read more about the Lopos SafeDistance wearable here



Ear Saver

Mouth masks are uncomfortable.

Orange Plastics made the Ear Saver to prevent the masks from cutting behind your ears. Also the fit and the correct size is solved with the Ear Saver

Read more about Ear Saver 



Taking a Corona-test at home?

Orange Plastics produces the blood tubes in which the blood samples are being transported.

Read more about the Hem-col blood tubes



Also interested in a fast new product?

Got excited and also interested in realizing your idea with speed and quality?

Please contact us We are happy to think along and discuss all the possibilities with you.



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Ja, er zijn veel redenen om voor Orange Plastics te kiezen.

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