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Plastic Injection Molding

Orange Plastics is your injection molding partner. Backed up by more than twelve years of experience in diverse industries, we offer a solid foundation for your next production track. Our entire business and processes are seamlessly optimized, allowing us to provide swift and high-quality plastic injection molding services at low cost.

We consider it important that our clients have a clear idea of what we do and how we work. Before, during and after plastic injection molding.

What is injection molding?
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How we work

Our entire business and processes are seamlessly optimized, allowing us to provide swift and high-quality plastic injection molding services at low cost.
Step 1. Designing and Optimizing Your Injection Molding Product
You supply the product design, we execute it. Because of the many years of experience Orange Plastics has in the field of injection molding and plastic production, we can seamlessly translate your product design into a 3D-design, ready for production. Not every product is suitable for plastic injection molding. We assist you in determining the feasibility, clarify points of improvement and polish your product's sharp edges, sometimes literally.
Step 2. Molds for Injection Molding
Proceeding onwards from our 3D product design, we will take different steps to build your injection molds. Our molds are crafted to perfection by adhering to detailed 3D mold designs, which are created in-house. Every detail of your product is captured into the molds. Our comprehensive knowledge of injection molding processes, as well as our experience in moldflow analysis, allow us to overcome any obstacle that may befall us during mold manufacturing. After an injection molding test run and your approval, actual production will be set in motion.
Stap 3. Injection Molding Production
We have production facilities in China as well as the Netherlands. This allows us to produce every component of your plastic product with maximum cost efficiency. Your product determines where it's produced. Products that are high in volume, or require little assembly, are often produced in the Netherlands. Our economical approach to production localization offers you low costs and a minimized carbon footprint. In case your products require multiple assembly steps or post-processing, production in China is often more desirable. After the injection molding phase is finished, your products can be further enhanced for any desired finishing, using techniques such as printing, powder coating and wet coating.
Step 4. Assembly after Injection Molding
A vital step when realizing a finalized product, is integrating all its different components into the desired assembly. After assembly, your products will be checked thoroughly for quality. If desired, assembly will be done in our clean room ISO 14644-1 class 5.
Step 5. Packaging after Injection Molding
Do you want your product to be ready for sale? If desired, Orange Plastics takes care of your entire packaging process. We offer high-quality blisters, full-color printed boxes and enclose manuals.
Step 6. Shipping
Regardless of where your product is made, we guarantee a swift and efficient delivery. Based on your specific requirements, we arrange a delivery time and location. If desired, you can completely depend on us for safe and effective logistics of your product. Contact us for a quote or additional information.
Or read more about our production locations
Affordable costs due to own mold workshop
Cutting-edge technologies provide outstanding quality
Minimal lead time
Watch your profits grow by reengineering your metal product into plastic
Fewer assembly steps necessary and no post-processing required
Benefit from our thorough experience in reengineering tracks
All-in Solutions
High-performance and versatile assembly
Optional clean room assembly (ISO class 5) to minimize contamination risks
Complete solutions for post-processing and packaging

We produce in China & the Netherlands

You have designed your plastic product and are in search of an experienced partner that gives you the assurance of a high-quality tangible product.

Which country is most suited for your production? Many companies choose to produce their products in China. But how to the determine which country is more suitable for your specific product? Orange Plastics runs production in China as well as the Netherlands. Ultimately, it's your product that determines where it's made.


As a plastic product manufacturer, Orange Plastics is aware of its responsibility for our children's future.

Our production process pioneers a new level of corporate social responsibility in plastic production. In addition, this offers a cost advantage to our clients. This highly sustainable approach is enabled by our partnership with Return2Sender, further abbreviated by R2S.

We cooperate with Return2Sender
Our production demands less fossil fuels
Lower production costs: 'used to create new'

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