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Orange Plastics Employee Obtains Injection Molding Certificate

One of our employees recently successfully obtained his Injection Molding Certificate VAPRO Injection Molding 1. It serves our aim to further reinforce a constant quality level in our Chinese as well as Dutch production facilities. In addition, we hold dear to the development of our employees. We regard education as a vital investment to keep elevating their proficiency.


Orange Plastics is built on the fertile grounds of knowledge and expertise in plastic production. By acquiring this certificate, we integrate the most recent theoretical and practical insights in our production process. The examination mainly included knowledge of raw materials and the mechanical properties of plastics, especially with regard to their variability during injection molding.

This advancement allows Orange Plastics to optimally translate a client’s request to a successful production program, founded on solid theoretical knowledge. It warrants an even more stable quality level in both product and process.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can contact us by replying on this email, or by phone on +31 (0)346 252128.

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