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Metal and Plastic Reengineering

Did you ever consider minimizing the amound of metal components of your products? Orange Plastics assists you in transforming metal into plastics.

Reengineering metal into plastics is not an end in itself, but a means. Its advantages include fewer costs in assembly and investment, additional liberty in shapes and a shorter time-to-market. We offer time-proven reengineering tracks, from drawing to dispatch.

Benefits of Plastics as Opposed to Metals

Manufacturing your product in plastic accomplishes a significantly faster and more economical production track. Plastics are lighter in weight, offer greater design freedom and demand fewer steps during assembly and post-processing than metal.

But be cautious when considering reenginering your product. Essential differences exist between metal and plastics. In order to make reeingineering work, thorough knowledge and expertise in metals and plastics is required to realize a transformation as seamless as possible.

To this end, Orange Plastics analyzes your product in all its components, paying special attention to appearance, shape and function. Due to the major differences between metal and plastics, a departure from the initial design is sometimes necessary to get a fully satisfactory finished product and optimized profit.

When is Reengineering Metaal into Plastics Advantageous?

You might be experiencing difficulty estimating your cost savings by changing metal into plastics. With more than twelve years of experience in succesful reengineering tracks, Orange Plastics is glad to assist you.

We analyze each and every aspect of your product and clarify the specific pros and cons of reenginering. You get a clear overview of all steps in assembly and post-processing that can be eliminated. In the case a journey into plastics is unlikely to bring net benefits, we offer fair and straightforward advice. Some products are simply better suited to be made in metal than plastics.

Contact us for an indicative advice. Our engineers are glad to assist you in determining how to succesfully reeingineer your product from metal into plastics.



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