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Molds are essential to plastic injection molding. Finished your product design? Then the next step is to manufacture one or more molds in which your product will be ultimately produced.

In general, building molds is one of the most expensive steps in the production chain. Orange Plastics aims to reduce the costs of each and every production step – and that includes the molds. We are able to offer highly economically priced molds by manufacturing them in-house in our own mold factory.

Making Molds Affordable

matrijzenHigh-quality molds are essential to successful production of  your desired plastic product. Orange Plastics offers the benefit of its own mold workshop, in which we perform the development, manufacturing, injection molding tests and further optimization of our molds. This offers a powerful and reliable production tool to create outstanding products.

Many plastic manufacturers outsource mold production, resulting in additional costs. The results in higher start-up costs and a major depletion of your budget before the first product is even made.

Orange Plastics offers state-of-the-art molds at low costs. We will never cut back on quality and since we manufacture molds ourselves, our customers benefit notably.

From Mold to Plastic Product

Orange Plastics is renowned injection molding partner. Our total commitment to quality does not stop at the mold, but embraces the entire production chain – ranging from idea optimization to the mold, from product to delivery. The key word is quality in each and every step.

We optimize every production step and seamlessly integrate them. We guarantee a time-tested mold construction and a finished product with unfailing accuracy, at affordable costs.

Injection Molding at Orange Plastics

Swift. Flexible. Production facilities in China as well as the Netherlands. Completely geared towards quality and efficiency.

Yes, there are many reasons to choose Orange Plastics.

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