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Orange Plastics Academy (OPA)

As a partner in injection molding we can imagine that when you are thinking of making a plastic product, you want to know more about the ins and outs of the process.

  • How does the injection molding process look like?
  • Which possibilities are there for my product?
  • Which options do I have regarding recycled material?

Obviously there’s a lot of information already available on the internet. But finding the correct, understandable and reliable information is often a challenge.

We thought this should be easier.
And moreover, more enjoyable!

What is injection molding?
Harm explains it in the video below:

What is injection molding?

In the first episode of OPA you’ll find answers to the following questions: How does injection molding work? When is this production method the right one? And what products are suitable for injection molding?

Different kinds of plastics

What different kinds of plastics are there and what can you do with them? How are they used and are the recyclable?

How do you recognize different kinds of plastics?

Plastics have many different characteristics, but when you don’t know which is what, how can you still find out? Harm explains is in this episode of OPA. Don’t try this at home!

Presentor Harm van Rooijen

VIDEO 4 | release July 15 - 2020

We already busy recording the next adventure. Do you have a question about plastics and the use of it, let us know! Maybe your question will be explained in the next video...

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