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Orange Plastics Expands with First Dutch Production Facility in Amersfoort

It has never been a secret that Orange Plastic’s injection moulding facility is based in China. Reinforced with our in-house expertise and support, this location offers an outstanding and invitingly priced method of manufacturing plastic products.


Produceren in Azië of Nederland?

Nonetheless, occasionally, there are instances when production overseas simply is not the optimal choice. Especially when the final product does not require many assembling steps. In addition, one can cut on transport-related costs and time by bringing production closer to home. For this reason, a segment of formerly Asian plastic production is now returning to Western Europe.

Orange Plastics follows these recent developments. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we can now also fulfil your needs from our European production facility in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This additional facility allows us – more than ever – to adjust our services to the specific needs of our clients. We regard it a milestone in our aim for continuous quality improvement.

At all times, your needs and product determine which country is most suitable. We will jointly determine which country bears the most cost effective trajectory towards an outstanding product.

Technology you can trust

In addition, we installed a brand-new 138-ton injection moulding machine in our Amersfoort facility. It is equipped with the latest technological advances and conforms fully to all current demands. Compared with older injection moulding machines, it offers a remarkably economical expenditure and minimizes CO2 emissions due to its highly efficient power requirements. We demand excellence in quality as well as sustainability. Anywhere.

Whether you wish to produce your product in Asia or Western Europe, Orange Plastics meets all your expectation in injection moulding.

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