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Sustainability – Orange Plastics and Return2Sender

As a plastic product manufacturer, Orange Plastics is aware of its responsibility for our children's future.

Our production process pioneers a new level of corporate social responsibility in plastic production. In addition, this offers a cost advantage to our clients. This highly sustainable approach is enabled by our partnership with Return2Sender, further abbreviated by R2S.

What is Return2Sender?

R2S aims to help plastic manufacturers to produce more sustainably, made possible by an innovative approach to recycling.

The R2S-method constitutes a smart way of recycling. Products with an R2S-label allow to  be sorted based on their exact plastic specification. Once collected, disposed products are used to create the same or similar high quality products. This approach is a major departure from traditional recycling, which destroys value by merging formerly valuable plastics into simple inexpensive products.

R2S offers the additional advantage that plastic products that would normally be disposed of in trash can now be put to valuable use. This puts less strain on global waste management.

In other words: the environment profits twice.

Return2Sender Saves You Money

Return2Sender is not only advantageous to the global environment, but also to your bottom line.

In addition to reusing your old products as new products' raw material, R2S enables you to realize savings by directly communicating with your customers.

Want to find out more about Return2Sender? Click here to visit their website.

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